TENGA Tenga VGR (Vacuum Gyro Roller)

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For the fully-automatic handjob with a suction effect!
The rechargeable Vacuum Gyro Roller masturbator attachment from Tenga is compatible with the Rolling Cup and Original/Premium Vacuum Cup from Tenga. The included Rolling Tenga Cup Regular is attached to the Vacuum Gyro Roller so that it can provide a fully-automatic handjob massage with intense rotations and a suction effect. The 4 rotation modes (in both directions) and the 6 exciting suction modes can be adjusted easily and intuitively with the button on the Vacuum Gyro Roller. Includes a USB cable.

The included Rolling Tenga Cup can also be used for a handjob without the Vacuum Gyro Roller. The disposable masturbator can be used straight away. After the penis has been inserted into the soft hole, the lubricant ring then covers it in a generous amount of lubricant so that additional lubricant isn’t necessary. The sticker should be removed from the cup’s vacuum hole so that the suction effect can be adjusted by a finger.

Cup 7.1 x 7.1 x 15 cm.


Vekt 1160 g
Dimensjoner 235 × 210 × 100 mm

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