PDX Plus PDX Plus 360° Banger Light

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The ultimate realistic sexual pleasure in any position!
The Torso-Masturbator 360° Banger von PDX Plus has an inviting vagina and anus hole. It is a realistic replica of a torso with large buttocks, the top part of the legs and the bottom part of the stomach. It can be turned in various positions (e.g. missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, etc.) and can be penetrated from both ends. Both of the tight but flexible pleasure canals have elaborate and diverse textures inside for intense massages.

It is made out of skin-like Fanta Flesh material and this means that it feels extremely realistic. The soft, smooth material warms up to body temperature very quickly. It weighs almost 5 kg which means that the torso lies securely on any smooth surface without slipping – this means that a person can use it easily and even hands-free. The pleasure canals are joined together to make it easier to clean.

22.4 cm long, 32.5 cm wide, 17.8 cm high.
Each insertion depth of vagina & anus 12.7 cm, Ø max. flexible up to 7.6 cm.
Weight: 4.9 kg.


Vekt 5680 g
Dimensjoner 380 × 255 × 235 mm

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