Liberator Esse Lounger

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A stylish lounger for comfy sex!
The ergonomically optimally designed Esse Lounger from Liberator is love furniture and a relaxing chair wrapped into one. It has a discreetly classy design and offers not only comfortable reclined positions (e.g. while reading) but also the perfect support during sex in various positions. This allows for extra deep penetration without any problems as the head, neck, and back are being stabilised and the spine is relieved of stress. The included headrest and semi-circular cushion offer additional support and can also be used separately as a love pillow, allowing for even more varied sex positions, whether standing, kneeling or doggy style.

Lounger, headrest and semi-circular cushion are made of high-density furniture-grade foam that provides optimal supportive padding and cushioning. For easy cleaning, the elegant soft-silky micro-fiber covers are removable from the moisture-resistant body and washable.

Lounger 162.6 cm x 73.7 cm x 61 cm.
Height head end 58.4 cm, center 24.1 cm, foot end 41.9 cm.
Polyester (micro-fiber), polyurethane (foam).
Vacuum packed delivery (less shipping costs and environmental impact).
No assembly required.


Vekt 19780 g
Dimensjoner 790 × 420 × 410 mm

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