Liaison Liaison G-Spot

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A sinfully beautiful liaison of glass and silicone!
Elegant G-Spot LED vibrator from Liaison that combines all the advantages of a silicone and glass vibrator. The optimally curved and easy-to-use design can be enjoyed from both sides: one side G-spot vibrator made of silicone with silky soft touch texture, other side G-spot vibrator made of solid glass with sensual LED lighting in the tip.

A powerful motor provides 10 varied vibration modes that are conveniently controlled at the touch of a button in the centre of the G-Spot LED Vibrator. The vibrations can be felt intensely through both ends for targeted hotspot and deep intimate massages – for solo fun or lovemaking as a couple.

The high-quality, body-friendly material combination of glass and silicone glides over the skin and into intimate depths almost by itself. Thanks to these all-round smooth surfaces, the G-Spot LED Vibrator is easy to clean.

Rechargeable – USB cable included.

Complete length 18 cm.
Insertion length 8.5 cm each, Ø max. 3.2 cm each.
Weight 177 g.
Silicone, PU, ABS, glass.


Vekt 390 g
Dimensjoner 265 × 100 × 60 mm

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