JAVIDA Javida RC Hands-free 3 functio

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Deep and discreet hands-free pleasure!
The RC Hands-free 3 Function Vibrator from Javida provides deeply stimulating all-round pleasure for the vagina and clitoris: While the grooved shaft keeps on thrusting, there are also rotating massage pearls inside the shaft. The smooth clitoral stimulator pleasures the clitoris with vibrations at the same time. A person doesn’t have to use their hands for this and the light vibrator is also very quiet which means that it can be worn discreetly inside panties.

The vibrator is made out of silicone and has a silky soft texture making it easy to insert. It also adapts to the external and internal anatomy of the intimate area.

2 quiet but powerful motors provide 10 pearl-massaging thrust speeds and 10 thrilling vibration modes. Both functions can be controlled separately with the remote control – also by a partner because it has a range of 5 metres.

Rechargeable – includes a USB cable and a battery (CR2032) for the remote control.

Shaft: complete length 14.5 cm – 15.5 cm, insertion length 12 cm – 13 cm, Ø max. 3.2 cm; bar 11.6 cm long.
Weight 140 g.
Silicone, PU, ABS.


Vekt 305 g
Dimensjoner 240 × 120 × 60 mm

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