DOXY Doxy 3R Blue Flame

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The beautiful and powerful wand from the UK!
The light and easy-to-hold metallic blue massager Die Cast 3R from DOXY has a velvety soft and slightly movable silicone massage head. The multi-speed vibrations (3000-9000 r/min.) are perfect for individual pleasure and the vibrations can also be easily adjusted at the push of a (LED) button which can be found on the handle. The pulsation modes, which increase in intensity, can be adjusted as well. The ergonomic design and the long handle means that the wand can easily reach all the parts of the body and external pleasure spots so that it can pleasure these areas with vibration and massages. The massage head can be unscrewed for cleaning.

The powerful massager has constant power because it has a plug for the mains with a 3 metre long cable.

Complete length 28 cm, massage head Ø 4.5 cm. Weight 350 g.
Silicone, aluminium.


Vekt 780 g
Dimensjoner 350 × 60 × 55 mm

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