Couples Choice Couples Choice RC Couple´s Vib

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For simultaneous climaxes!
The Couple’s Vibrator 2 from Couples Choice combines a penis/testicle ring with a very flexible vibrator and clitoral stimulator. The rings are slipped over the penis and testicles so that the flat, stimulation-textured vibrator nestles on top of the penis. This increases the circumference of the penis and both enjoy the busy vibrations during sex. In addition, the penis ring supports his erection for a long time thanks to the blood stasis effect, the testicle ring ensures a firm, secure hold and the wavy clitoral stimulator additionally pampers her hotspot.

A powerful motor provides 10 vibration modes that can be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button (+/-) directly on the toy or with the wireless remote control. Even in/under water, because the Couple’s Vibrator 2 is waterproof! The high-quality silicone material with soft touch texture ensures a very pleasant skin feeling for both partners.

Rechargeable – USB Magnetic Charger charging cable included.

Vibrator: Total length 11.2 cm, insertion length 9.5 cm, 0.8 cm-1.6 cm high, 1.8 cm-2.3 cm wide.
Penis ring Ø 3.5 cm, testicle ring Ø 5 cm, both stretchable.
Clitoris stimulator 6.5 cm long.
Weight 73 g.
Silicone, PU.


Vekt 195 g
Dimensjoner 180 × 110 × 60 mm

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